General Lawn Care

More than just cutting the lawn. Cutting, weed eating, edging, and removal of all debris. We'll discuss how to get your yard to its prime.

Gardening & Landscaping

T.O.'s wants to make sure your yard represents you. Not everyone thinks about a color scheme or texture when it comes to their landscaping and you don't have to because we'll do it for you. From concept to installation and maintenance T.O. is there from start to finish making sure what you envision for your yard can be brought to life. 

aerial trex yard.jpg


Outdoor landscape lighting will add a new dimension to your outdoors. Keeping landscape lighting properly hidden not only adds safety to your home but done by T.O.'s will accent the leaves of a particular tree or blooms at night. Make the best of what you've got rather than letting it fade into the darkness. 


and much more!!